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In terms of womenswear, the United Kingdom is the place where you find high-quality clothing items made by famous designers and not only. There are also many new brands that are very promising and that even though they were recently released, English women absolutely love them. Therefore, if you want to find out more, then we will show you in this article some of the most popular British womenswear brands you must go for.

Jennifer Anne
This is a British womenswear brand especially designed for petite women. Jennifer Anne has recently been launched by Jennifer Ison, the founder. She was a lawyer before she decided to go for the fashion industry. She says that this is truly her passion and that she 100% loves what she’s doing. We can definitely notice that her work is truly amazing and unique, and this is what women love about this brand. Fed up with the confusion as well as difficulties of finding clothes that fitted petite women, Jennifer decided to do something about it and start a brand especially dedicated to petites. Her collection includes a lovely selection of dresses, trousers, jackets, skirts, shirts, and tops. Some of them are perfect for leisure whereas others are excellent for office. Only high-quality fabrics are being used and all the clothing items are designed and made in the British capital.

Zalinah White
All the Zalinah White items are designed and handcrafted in London. What women love about this brand is the wonderful combination of luxurious fabrics and linings. The designer is committed to creating clothing items that perfectly balances everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Using the best quality fabrics, each piece of clothing is handcrafted to perfection with an extremely close attention to detail. If you choose the Zalinah White outfits, then you will certainly feel super feminine and charming.
Bianca Elgar
This is another British womenswear brand that we strongly recommend to go for. All the pieces that have this label represent without a doubt timeless luxury. The clothing items are being created in the United Kingdom in order to support British manufacturing as well as innovation. From fashion to home and lifestyle, Bianca Elgar’s collections compromise a great variety of sumptuous silk accessories, simple yet adaptable clothing, and also a wide range of products for your home such as mugs, Scottish linen cushions, recycled cotton throws, and hand screen printed lampshades. When we talk about Bianca Elgar brand what we can say is that it is quite versatile and unique. Her pieces definitely add style, personality, as well as humour.
This is an independent British womenswear company, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The brand was founded by Vonny Law, who does a great job in this field. She brings you outstanding stylish as well as practical garments for various occasions in the city or countryside. Maquien is 100% designed to give women a quite unique clothing style that will make them look stunning. Therefore, if you are interested in something truly special, confidently go for this brand.

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